Anthea Gage   rsw


I work primarily in Acrylic Ink Watercolour and Gouache and my work is often inspired by the pattern and colour of the real world around me. At other times I take ideas from poetry or songs, and I enjoy the humour of the imagination and dreams.

Both my parents were gifted teachers, and I enjoyed working with the energy and enthusiasm that aspiring students of all ages have given me.

In recent years I have had fun learning new skills including working and teaching with iPads, incorporating them into the creative process.

Now that I have retired from teaching I look forward to relaxing and exploring the world around me.

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All paintings on this site are done in Gouache, Watercolour or Acrylic Inks and vary in scale from 4” x 4” to 5 ‘ x 4’.


All works are for sale, unless it is stated that they are in a private collection. Prices vary according to size.


All the paintings and prints on this site are copyrighted to the Artist.


All works are the Copyright of the Artist